Sunday, July 27, 2008

Catholicism and Islam: Two Insane Peas in a Violent Pod

Note: This post is a year and a half out of date. Found the draft when I was working on another post. Figured I might as well post it.

Remember a while ago, fundamentalist Muslims got all up in arms over an irreverent depiction of that Muhammad dude? The news was filled with crazy fuckers who were rioting and burning effigies in the streets. Not to mention all of the calls for the guy to be fired/arrested/beheaded/anally raped and so on and so on. People over here were calling the reaction barbaric and couldn't believe how violent Islam was.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Some kid in Florida goes to mass and procures a communion wafer. The short version, the kid got assaulted by some of the Catholics in the church and faked eating the wafer just to get them to stop pawing at him. (Am I the only one that pictures a scene from some zombie flick?)

So what do all these fundamentalist Catholics, who likely condemned the whole Islam spectacle, do? They go batshit insane with rage. Bill Donahue, leader of the Catholic League, fell down in a fit of apoplexy over how this kid kidnapped the cracker. Whatever branch of the Catholic Mafia is based out of this kid's university have caused him all kinds of trouble, including death threats, trying to get him kicked out of the school over a hate crime (don't get me started on how that's an affront to actual hate crime victims,) and arrested. Even the kid's friend, who asked him to get the cracker, has been blocked from registering for classes.

Time for the standard disclaimer: If you are a Catholic who does not view this student as an agent of Lucifer and think the whole thing is blown way out of proportion, I'm not talking about you.

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Snowbrush said...

Why did the kid WANT a communion wafer if he wasn't a Catholic? Even if he thought their religion was too nutty for words, surely he believed that they have a right to practice it as they see fit right up until they start trying to impose it on other people.