Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Electable, huh?

But . . . but . . . John Kerry is electable.

That was the refrain I heard throughout the primaries. John Kerry is electable. There was no real explanation behind that. Just that he was electable. Electability has the sledgehammer used to pound everyone into line. Not comfortable with his Iraq War Vote? Don't sweat it, he's electable. Want more details on his economic plan? We'll find out after he's elected. Don't worry, he's electable. And I noticed that it was always the military fetishists who squawked it over and over and over again. The "yellow dog" democrats who thought that a Vietnam veteran was all they needed.

So much for that theory. Now we have four years to prepare for the emergence of a real Democrat.

Back to work, kiddies. Quit crying in your teacups, wipe your nose, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and start making headway for the midterms.

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