Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Cleaning Day = No Blog Day

Had to clean the house today, so there isn't going to be a huge post like yesterday.

Just an interesting note about something I read on the can. In the newest Popular Science, they have an article about how battery innovation hasn't nearly kept up pace with computer and electronic innovation. The editor talked about his Palm III that could run for months on two batteries. The newest portable electronics have all these nifty little features, but you can't run them for more than a day until you have to recharge. And for a guy like me who can't keep his old nokia cell phone recharged, that kind of thing just don't cut it.

The only promising technology on the horizon is hydrogen fuel cell. But that has never been a particularly promising portable solution. One of the things that torque me off about the whole fuel cell craze is that everybody wants to get it onto a car, even though it's wholly inadequate for individual transportation. Maybe in another decade and a few billion dollars worth of research, but certainly not now. What they should be concentrating on is stationary uses of hydrogen fuel cells. It makes far more sense to use the technology on a residential level and provide point of use electricity.

Anyway, I'm running off at the mouth again.


Anonymous said...

Excuses excuses!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Tells about a prototype diesel fuel cell the size of a penny that runs a 700 degree furnace.

Interesting article. Sorry you'll have to cut and past it.