Sunday, September 12, 2004

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ahhh, Atheism, the great liberator. I gotta tell ya, it's nice having every Sunday morning free to do as I wish. Hell, it's nice to be free to do as I wish without the specter of the great invisible man in the sky who will send me to the pits of hell for whatever the hell the preachers say the rules are today, but he loves me unconditionally. Must be one of those tough love parents.

All mocking aside, atheism isn't a religion. It's simply the lack of belief in a deity. Nothing more, nothing less. Why don't I believe in a deity? Because I understand biology, physics, astronomy and reason well enough to make the godhead superfluous. Sure, I don't have string theory down just yet, but I certainly have a grasp on practical physics (Newtonian). I may not have cured cancer yet, but I do understand the basics of genetics. I haven't observed the beginning or the end of the universe for myself, but I'm pretty well versed in life cycles of stars and how it affects planet formation. I actually understand natural selection and why it's one of the most codified theories in modern science. (Yes, it is. So don't bother me with the creationist bunk. You're wrong.)

So instead of marvelling at the awesomeness of the aforementioned father figure, I prefer to marvel at the universe and the random occurences that had to come about for me to be here typing this little message to my faithful readers. If you look at the scope of it, it's really quite breathtaking.

So endeth the sermon.

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