Monday, December 06, 2004

Somebody's Actually Paying Attention

Wow, whodathunk the foul-mouthed ravings of a militant athiest democrat would have actually piqued enough interest for someone to add me to their roll.

Alas, I have discovered my first appearance in someone's blog roll. And as one good link deserves another, I introduce you to:

Dancing on Colette's Grave

Thanks, and consider yourself rolled.

Anyone else got me rolled? Let me know and I'll be happy to add you to mine.

Domo Arigato, ya fraggin bloggers.


Colette said...


OK thanks, I suppose. Have you ever heard of a left-handed compliment? ^_^

Oh and I *may* be foul-mouthed (sorry sometimes the anger just come spewing out) - but I am definitely NOT an Atheist my dear. Just a very spiritual person who does not 'belong' to any organized 'we want your money' church per se...

Thank you as well for the mention.


Colette said...

Oh! *rolls eyes* I can be SUCH an IDIOT!

Sorry I completely mis-read your post about me my dear....

*laugh* makes you think twice about linking, eh?

At any rate thanks again - I think you are intelligent - *that's* why I linked to you. And, I agree with a lot of your views. Keep writing. Again, pardon the last comment - it's way too early in the morning and I probably shold not be reading let alone posting yet.

As ever,

BrandG said...

Hey, my site just got pinged from your site, which is cool because I didn't even know I was listed here. Anyway, thanks!

And, as is my odd facination, I have made a little button for linking to your blog. You can find it on my blog

Feel free to grab it, but I'd reccomend you host the image yourself. My server's erratic at best.

Anyway, thanks again for the link, and you're now listed on my blog as well.

Nazgul35 said...

Yeah.....your old buddy Nazgul35 was the first to link to your web site.....

From my website:

Lobo said...

Well, for pete's sake man. You're the one that got me started on this damned thing, so you ain't exactly a NEW linker, now are you?