Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Survey Says . . . They STILL Don't Get It

This weekend, I blogged what I thought about the Jon Stewart appearance on CrossFire, aka The Primate Habitat of CNN. And doing what partisan hacks do best, they responded.

Did they respond by pointing out how wrong Mr. Stewart was about their show? Wouldn't that be what credible "journalists" do?

Are you fucking kidding me? C'mon.

This is what they had to say:

NOVAK: Let me say something about Jon Stewart. I don't think he's funny. And I know he's uninformed.

No Bob, let's not address his POINTS, let's just attack him on a personal level. Besides, I've been subjected to you for years via newspaper columns and whatnot, and let's just say that recognizing humor isn't really your strong point. Kind of like a blind man criticizing the Mona Lisa.

What does ol' Jimmy "The Triangulator" Carville have to say?

CARVILLE: Well, I think he's funny. I just think he's a pompous ass attacking Ted Koppel. Why would you want to attack somebody that's been in this business this long? Attack CROSSFIRE, Tucker, me. Who cares?

Hey Little Jimmy, what's with the defense of Ted Koppel? If I recall, Ted wasn't mentioned in his segment on CrossFire. Unless you know what he was getting at and you would just as soon avoid it than take a chance of losing your job over it.

Let's not leave out ol' Bob "The Plamester" Novak's final shot:

NOVAK: Because he's uninformed. Because he's uninformed.

There is the crux of the problem, Monsieur Novak. Your job is to INFORM people. Your job is not to let people reach a conclusion by pulling information in from 15 different sources. Your JOB is to furnish the facts in such a way as to not REQUIRE so much shopping around.

Instead of doing THAT job, you and the CrossFire monkeys just editorialize on what's going on. To hell with facts and figures. Who needs that shit anyway?

Of course, you'd all have to get new jobs because all four of you aren't actually capable of reporting the news as it is.

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