Friday, October 15, 2004

Bad Blogger! Bad, Bad Blogger!!

Ya hey dere, folks.

When I started this blog a month or so ago, I had every intention of posting regularly. Once a day at the very least.

And now, a month later . . .

So what happened? Well, I could blame it on work and school. I could blame it on my girlfriend. I could blame it on the rain. But the truth is that I apparently don't have that much of importance to say. At least nothing I feel is important enough to write down anyway.

So there goes the noble ambition of writing a well-thought out, meaningful essay each day on a variety of topics. We will miss you, noble ambition.

Instead I'm just going to do this. Freestylin' and profilin' with whatever crosses my mind. And if a kernel of wisdom spews forth from time to time, so be it. And if anything REALLY needs to be commented on, I'll do that too.

Hope you enjoy the new content. Not that there is anyone actually reading this tripe.

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